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About Croyde Yoga


My name is Tiffany and my style of teaching is relaxed, non-dogmatic and from the heart. I genuinely LOVE sharing the practice of Yoga.

I was born in Croyde and have been lucky enough to grow up here with the beautiful ocean and fresh salty air on our doorstep. I love barefoot walks on the beach with my little family, yoga in the dunes, stomps around Baggy Point, and if the weather is good and the waves are tiny you might even see me out there in the blue bobbing about. 


​Discovering yoga - vinyasa in particular, opened my eyes to whole new way of life and a new awareness of myself. Yoga really felt like the missing piece for me, something clicks together when I'm practising. Cliche I know but I have learned to listen to my body more and more, and really start taking notice of all the little things in life - not just the big stuff.

More recently, over the past 5 years I've had the pleasure of becoming a Mama to my three beautiful children and they have opened my heart and my eyes to the world even more than before.

Its since having them i've really been drawn to share Yoga with pregnant Mamas as well as the gorgeous Mama & Bub classes.



Yoga for me is about connecting mind, body and breath to find a sense of heightened awareness. A realisation that we are more than our emotions and much more than our external appearances and situations. By moving our body alongside our breath and  taking the time to tune in we can re-connect to the true self and be so much more present with others and the world around us.

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