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JANUARY New Moon in Aquarius ~ FREE 20 MIN YOGA

Our practise towards the end of this month has been focused around the New Moon in Aquarius and the Air element.

So we've been focusing on heart opening and pranayama in my weekly Flow Classes.

Finding a focus and a rhythm through breath and opening up to self love and acceptance.

This New Moon was a strong one and the closest the Moon has been to Earth for over 900 years, huge King tides you may have noticed if you live close to the sea, so it may have been a powerful last few days/ week for you.

Often we can rush into the New Year with good intentions but put too much pressure on ourselves for things to change instantly.

'Softly, softly catches monkey'

this old English proverb means that if you do not rush or if you avoid being too hasty, then eventually you will achieve your goal.

With Every Step by Nikki Banas

"You can love yourself exactly as you are now while also wanting to grow and become more. You can be proud of how far you've come while also wanting to push yourself even further. You don't have to pick just one or the other. Beautiful friend, you can love yourself every single step of the way.... You've got to celebrate both your big and little wins because it really is about your journey; its about your journey of becoming. Sometimes we forget that every step of the way is equally important, whether it's the first or last. Without one of them, the journey would be love yourself through it all, love yourself every single step of the way."


If you are signed up to my newsletter you will know i have a couple of changes to my timetable for Feb 2023.

Mama + Bub Yoga is moving to Wednesday's at 11am in Dancing Feet Studio in Braunton.

I am also holding a monthly YIN + TONIC class in Georgeham Hall too.

Thanks to an amazing response my February Date is now SOLD OUT but i will be holding another one in March so keep your eyes peeled for dates and booking details on my website.

You can also join the waitlist for this class here

Toying with the idea of either a Dynamic FLOW or Pregnancy Yoga class at 12.15pm on Wednesdays at the Studio too- this one could be Zoomed as well.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

FREE 20 minute FLOW

Here is a little 20 minute FLOW for you to practise anytime featuring hug asana + garudasana (eagle pose) .

No savasana recorded but i encourage you to add 5-10mins at least on the end to sit or lie and follow the rhythm of your breath.

As always remember to listen to your body and make sure you never force or push anything.

Check out my Video Library here for more videos like this you can either rent or buy.

Love + Light xx Tiffany xx

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