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The Beauty of Blindfold Yoga

PRATYAHARA- The fifth of Pantanjali's 8 limbs of Yoga, translating to a 'gathering towards' and in practise a withdrawal of the senses.

I like to share the beauty of blindfold yoga in my classes and just a handful of times through the year offer the opportunity to practise with the blindfold or with eyes closed so we can focus inwards more easily.

It helps to remove any outer distractions, remove any physical comparison and helps you to realise how much more you are capable of when you have to trust yourself.

I'm holding the space for you in these classes so you have my full attention and support and can feel completely safe. I believe it helps you to see yourself and your intentions with more clarity and belief.

Embracing the unknown in your practise also helps you to embrace moments when you might feel unsteady or unfamiliar in your daily life and reminds you to use your breath to feel more grounded.

You can practise pratyahara anytime at home- just in sittting in meditation or gentle movement and close your eyes and turn inwards. Try setting a timer for 5 minutes to begin with and just watching your breath. Resist the urge to open your eyes and check anything just trust yourself and breathe deeply.

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