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Spring Quotes + Embracing Change

Its March- how did that happen? The Winter felt long and short all at the same time and now Spring is most definitely in the air.

Crisp mornings and beautiful light returning, looking outside we see everything starting to emerge, people as well as plants and flowers, it feels as if we are all unfurling towards the light.

In class we've been practising embracing change and being open to newness and unexpected twists and turns along our path.

Sometimes there are gentle nudges, sometimes a great big push, often not making complete sense at the time but when you see where you've travelled to and have the gift of hindsight you realise why they had to happen in that particular way.

We often resist the unexpected or unfamiliar in favour of "the plan" but what if The Plan is much bigger than that? What if all those amazing magical things we see outside of ourselves- renewal, growth, beauty, diversity and rebirth are a mirror of ourselves?

Feeling super inspired this month