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Full Moon Yoga

"May this Full Moon heal us all. May this Full Moon be the ultimate new beginning."

This month we welcomed November's Full Moon in Taurus which is also a total lunar eclipse, meaning it's even more powerful in its energy.

I love these journal prompts from Kirsty Gallagher and invite you to explore them:

- Where are you staying too much in your comfort zone not allowing yourself to grow or expand?

- Where have you not acted on your desires, ignored the nudges from your soul and intuition and sabotaged what you felt motivated to do/begin/explore?


Tuning in to the Moon's phases and honouring those in your practise helps you to move through life feeling more connected and allows you to start to manifest or release at the most potent times.

Here is a FREE Mandala Moon Flow Yoga practice for you to enjoy. We will keep moving around the mat in mandala style and invite opportunities to look more deeply inwards and connect with a sense of letting go.

And see the bottom of the page for a link to my recommended playlist for this practise on Spotify



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